Nowadays, companies are facing tremendous challenges to stay competitive. It is fundamental to provide customers with the experiences they require to have everything available online and on-demand. MuleSoft provides an approach to accomplish this through API-Led connectivity. One of the biggest challenges faced by IT today is to keep up with all the constant changes to the application landscape. In order to succeed companies need to change the way they operate.

The approach consists in connecting enterprise data through reusable APIs building application networks. The main goal of the APIs is to unlock data from systems, composing data into processes, and to deliver a great experience to the customers (Pearlman, 2017).

According to Mulesoft, there are three types of APIs used in the approach:

  • System APIs: these APIs are used to expose data from systems of records. Users can now access the information without the need to learn the complexity of the underlying systems. They can be reused in different projects.
  • Process APIs: this layer of APIs is to break down data silos. They are used to combine data from one single system or several systems and they are built without dependency on the source systems.
  • Experience APIs: the highest layer of APIs. They are built using the API design-first approach to provide a specific user experience.

By using this approach to build and organize APIs, it is possible for teams to compose and adapt APIs to business needs. Also, these APIs must be discoverable and available to any department in the company. Organizations that would like to implement this approach will require to change their perspective on how to deliver software projects.

MuleSoft provides all the tools in the Anypoint Platform that allows companies to implement this approach successfully.

In the next APIs related article, we will be reviewing the API lifecycle and how these tools can be used in each phase. Stay tuned!


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