I got an opportunity to review a few knowledge management(KM), Vendors. As we know, KM helps to identify the existing in-house resources and optimal methods for utilizing that effectively. So its powerful technology to support organizations of any size to make informed decisions and actionable strategies.

I do feel the following three KM tools are the best fit for the education industry, where the IT department is relatively small in terms of IT infrastructure and resources. Also, the number of users will be less as compared to fintech organizations and also it has the same KM features across all domains

1.    Central Point

2.    ZenDesk

3.    Litmos LMS

Few of my research as below

Bloomfire is a web-based and can store all the RFP questions and responses – along with essential attachments and informational documents such as HR docs, IT policies/procedures, training documents. The search features make it easy to find the exact information with the tags. Just like google mail, while composing an article, it can save it to draft in case the work is lost; the article would still be available. There is a provision to add the comments which help to troubleshoot the issues over time. It can also consolidate information to the mobile-based platform, helping the customer to get the information faster. It can organize different medias such as images, video files, audio files into different buckets for easy retrieval. Also does provide straightforward layouts and templates to customize as per business needs or requirement. It’s very intuitive and can learn the tool in a few minutes. It has 24*7 customer support and value for money based on its user interface, ease of use, and functionalities. Being a technical consultant, we always trust the history of logs to know the issues or problems we are solving. With bloomfire, this becomes easier as it stores complete discussion thread and the customer feedback, which helps to create analytics as well. In addition to KM, bloomfire also provides content management, which helps with document indexing, full-text search, and text editing, etc.

So, it’s a good fit for marketing, customer service, sales: a single repository and one shop stop.

Bold360 is a decent tool for multi-level engagement to support options like live chat, email, video chat, visitor monitoring, social media integration, and support ticket. The price of the product is reasonable and provides hassle-free integration with 3rd party software. In Bold chat, it’s effortless to find the past and current conversations and can see various chats at a time. It also provides both desktop and mobile options. It has the features of AI helping developers,end-users to do code-free development, speech recognition, and multilanguage onscreen chats. Also, it can collect feedback from the customer and create sentiment analytics based on the AI algorithm. In the interface, there are options to set the alerts, escalations based on the business rules.

So, its good fit for high traffic websites, large customer care centers where the call volume are high

SAP Litmos is an accessible cloud-based KMS used by thousands of customers across the globe in various industries. It can have the eLearning contents right on the fingertips. It can manage thousands of users, their activities, and can create a report from that. Litmos interface can rebrand itself with different themes, images, logos. It has a great subscription model for licensing, which is reasonable as compared to other vendors. It includes eCommerce solutions and other plugins such as salesforce, Articulate, and Captivate for the integration; however, it does not allow any billing options to the students. The trial version has all the features included with full support. It is easy to upload content, creating a team, creating a learning path; however, its notice board is not easy to edit. For any subscription-based model, Litmos can customize the pricing and features. It can also manage the mandatory compliance and regulatory training via a solution called ‘Learning Paths,’ which can save dollars to the company.

Regarding customer service, they care enough to address the concerns. It’s ahead of all in terms of features, flexibility, and reporting. Its similar product to ‘Blackboard.’

Its good fit for the education industry where certification management, skill tracking, learner portal, testing, assessment, social learning, simulation are essential needs.

ZenDesk is the best fit for inter-team communication and assigning the customer support ticket to the right person and does add notes which are visible to the members of the team. The chat widget is clean, user-friendly, and easy to implement. It is dynamic and has an intuitive customer service tool that allows the use of macros to optimize messages to customers. Zendesk has elements for case management, live chat, call center features such as call scripting, call recording, call logging, etc. The best feature is the ability to search for tickets by contact, ticket number, application/category, user or subject, and merge those tickets into one. Everything is robust; reports, filtering, viewing, ticket indexing, integrations, admin tools, inbox monitoring, and so on. I would say its best helpdesk software for customer satisfaction and better business. It has excellent UI for the customer-facing and very user-friendly options, Tracking and automation features are helpful, and most appreciated, however, not fully customization solution. Zendesk has a default template called ‘Guide’ for customer support helpdesk. If anything, the different template is needed, then it should be built using HTML, CSS, and javascript.it has provision to integrate with CRM, Salesforce, APIs, Zapier, office 365, etc. The tool is easy to learn and does not require special technical skills and software available to multiple devices, including a computer, laptop, and iPad. It has an excellent tutorial and helps files and a pretty active community support forum. On the website, it has Free 30-day trials and a good range of prices that someone can choose for after the trial period is over.

Focal point by Oxcyon is a digital experience platform that comes as on-premises or in the cloud.Central Point is an excellent product with extensive features and preestablished modules, which is customizable as per business needs. It’s also is a unique platform for multi-hospital systems .it can source data from multiple locations. Apart from KM, it has various additional features such as Bigdata, enterprise search, MDM (Master data management), policy management, text mining. Big data helps in high volume processing, data cleansing, data blends, whereas Data mining helps in fraud detections, semantic search, predictive modeling, statistical analysis, and data visualizations. Similarly, MDM helps in data masking, data governance, metadata management, process management, etc. 

Food for thought.


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